I have had the pleasure of doing life with some great people. I have come to appreciate the people around me, they each come with their own unique experiences and talents. I think its amazing to see the bits of soul and personality that shine through when I spend time with people in the little hobbit hole, I call home.

This week, at my tiny table, in my tiny kitchen, not a day went by where some one didn’t join me over bottomless cups of hot tea or coffee and a homemade bite of something. Though I am introverted and a little shy, I have a carved out space where I get to laugh and enjoy the people around me. Getting to know the best in people and seeing glimmers of the struggles which brought those traits out in them, is one of the most beautiful things about having friends.

There, at the little kitchen table some have seen a hundred times in a dozen places and some saw for the first time, I shared laughs, stories and pieces of dreams. Some who joined me, have known me for a lifetime and can tell you what I would say before I open my mouth, others are still discovering layers of me which can be shocking, surprising and reassuring. I have the privilege of a independent, fun-loving family and wild, untamable friends who I chose for myself.

On a couple of evenings I sat with my phone in hand, talking to or texting friends who distance prevented sitting at my table. My friends know I screen my calls and texts, generally avoiding the phone. They also know, for them, I will answer the phone and even return voicemails and texts after I frequently abandon my phone. Though I hate talking on the phone and texting, I have a phone just to talk to people who matter.

Some who joined me, like my Dad or my Uncle, have a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge to share. If I could just bottle what the things they know and have learned I’d have something all the money in the world couldn’t buy.

A couple shared my passion for livestock and I was given the gift of hearing about their lifetime experiences and successes which captured my enthusiasm all over again. Another arrived with a tool belt, a smile and a pair of willing hands just to make my day a little easier and my chores significantly less boring.

One cousin appeared and brought his usual energy and unique sense of humour and self which I know like the back of my hand. Much to my disappointment he didn’t bring the other two thirds of his family and his wife let me know via text message they felt left out but were planning on making sure they could come soon.

My other two cousins, two cousins in law and a dear friend have all been in touch about our trip to Mexico. As our little adventure gets closer the more the anticipation grows of a week spent on a warm beach with volleyballs, kayaks, surf boards, formal gowns and whatever other adventures we can fit in and share.

My gypsy soul sister arrived one morning, her usual whirlwind of enthusiasm and carefree nature, makes her more welcome than sunshine. Her visits are never long enough and her absence is always noticed.

As I think about the people around me, I realize if I was born in a different time or place, I might have missed meeting them altogether. If I had made different choices, I wouldn’t know the people I do and I wouldn’t be the person I am. Timing is everything. I could be bitter about where my plans went wrong, but I won’t, the destination is only important for directing the journey. The moments between point A and point B separate who we think we are , what we think we want from who we were made to be. What we think are the worst moments of our lives are often the spring boards to the best moments. Living fully present in moments where is where life is at right now, is where fear ends, worry subsides and joy abounds. Keep wandering, lost is a state of mind.

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