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April 2015

Dared to Dream

Living life with wings spread and heart wide open is one of the most reckless and rewarding pursuits I know of. I have been unusually blessed with a cast of dreamers who have inspired my stumble steps in pursuit of the life that makes my soul soar. This week, I’ve had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with several of them, meeting some new ones, being encouraged and heaping encouragement on some who’s dreams didn’t come out quite right.

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‘Buying a Little More Distraction’

The people who know me well, know my high energy levels and active mind.  The ones who know me best know all about my frequent changes in activities and unpredictable personality contradictions. If there is something that will get my adrenaline level spiked,  my curiosity aroused or my creativity engaged, I’ve probably tried it or its on my bucket list. 

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This One’s for the Girls

To some extent this post is about me, mostly though it’s for the ladies who are fierce, brave, brilliant and beautiful who in their little ways contribute to the girl I have been, woman I am today and the lady I will be tomorrow. I wouldn’t think the way I do if I hadn’t been blessed to have you in my life.

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Just Me… A Life Inspired

I’ve been blessed with many people in my life who are encouraging and supportive. I’ve had big dreams and challenging aspirations; a situation which is not likely to change. 

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‘Move the Body, Still the Mind.’

I’ve always been aware, my body and its capabilities are a gift. My mind is fairly keen, though rather small my body is exceptionally geared toward athleticism and my determination is second to none. I’ve pushed my body through dehydration, massive calorie deficits, mild hypo and hyperthermia, lactic acid build ups, muscle cramps, concussions, exhaustion, torn tissue, bruises, blisters and broken bones. Every morning my body has rolled out of bed ready to come out swinging, until lately.

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