To some extent this post is about me, mostly though it’s for the ladies who are fierce, brave, brilliant and beautiful who in their little ways contribute to the girl I have been, woman I am today and the lady I will be tomorrow. I wouldn’t think the way I do if I hadn’t been blessed to have you in my life.

Change: terrifying word. My favorite quote about change used to be: ‘There are two things I hate, change and the way things are.’ Change means a chance to fall flat on my face (again, for the ten thousandth time at least.)

Change also means a chance to reach higher and further than I thought possible. My new favorite quote is: ‘I didn’t like how I felt and swore to never feel that way again, so I changed.’ I never thought I might enjoy change, or even actively pursue it. 

I have a fresh perspective, a new lease on life: I calculate my moments more. I make time for people now. I’m different, yet more the same; more myself. As much as physically I changed, more certainly psychologically, I’m changed. 

I spend less moments caring what people think about me and more moments caring what I think. I don’t have time to spend on television. I don’t zone out or look for escape from my busy mind, I use everything it has to offer. I don’t take for granted the strengths I have and I don’t overestimate my capabilities. 

I was given a reminder, a scar or two and some aches. The life I have could be taken away, it’s not mine to own, only to borrow. What I spend those moments doing matters. I used to censor my thoughts and refused to be vulnerable, constantly protecting myself. I’ve been hurt, rejected and run through the wringer more than I care to remember. My history doesn’t give me the right to refuse destiny and neither does yours. The past just gives us the experience to do better in the future. Know better, do better.

Make mistakes, have adventures, try new things, be candid and vulnerable.  Love on the people God put in your life, even when sometimes that means loving them with what you have and not what they want from you. 

Love ya Gals, thanks for having my back.

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