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May 2015

A Backpacker’s Ten Commandments for Packing and Trip Planning

Backpacking has many methods: there is ultralight, lightweight, traditional, and base camping styles of packing. Ask a hundred backpackers for their list of gear and there will be one hundred different lists and a hundred more for each different environmental condition. Each list would have a valid rational for each item according to each backpacker. Each rational would have a legitimate caveat from another backpacker. What are the true essentials and how are they prepared, packed and brought on a backpacking trip?

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What is a Birthday?

Today is my birthday. So far, I avoided telling most people. Of course Facebook tells everyone for me and some people already know it’s my birthday and the calls, texts and messages come to remind me: it’s my birthday.

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Happy Feet

When it comes to hiking, happy feet mean a happy trip. Having been through the mill with my feet, I have become exceptionally fussy about foot care. I hiked on a broken foot bone, sprained ankle and credit card sized blisters for 71 kilometres of a 76 kilometre multi day hike one year and I learned the hard way. Here are the rules of good foot care:

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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop….

My deepest pity lies with those who can neither offer or receive kindness, without waiting for the other shoe to drop. Don’t mistake me, I am neither naive ┬ánor unobservant of human nature. We all have motivations, the question is: what is your other shoe? What drives your kindness?

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