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July 2015

Pack a Backpack Like a Boss: Part 1

It takes time and practice to figure out who you are as a backpacker. Regardless of your backpacking style there are basic rules and equipment you will need. I can tell you to pack the “Ten Essentials” but theory only goes so far. My purpose is to make theory applicable and let you experiment from there.

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‘A Witness to a Path that’s Overgrown’

Contrary to popular belief, I am not always a perfect ray of sunshine. I have a restless streak punctuated with wanderlust. Those who know me best say: watching me confined in life is like watching a thunderstorm in the prairie sky: you see sunshine on one side and with a storm overtaking it on the other. My eyes go from a grey turquoise to a brilliant shade of emerald green as the restless rolls in and settles like a hurricane. I know I am not alone, we all have our storms; we all face them in our own ways.

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Love, Pride and Rainbows

This week my social media has been inundated with love, pride, rainbows and discussion. In a short post, I am about to kick a hornets nest and I’m not going to be popular with either side. I will preface by saying I’m a Christian and I have homosexual friends. At this point, both sides of this debate have participants which need smacked upside the head.

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