This week my social media has been inundated with love, pride, rainbows and discussion. In a short post, I am about to kick a hornets nest and I’m not going to be popular with either side. I will preface by saying I’m a Christian and I have homosexual friends. At this point, both sides of this debate have participants which need smacked upside the head.

First to my Christian friends: the separation of church and state exists for the protection of both parties. If you are a Christian, not participating in behaviors which are against your moral obligations is your prerogative. You may vote against the state making decisions which are against your moral compass but you are not the master of the state. If you are persecuted for your beliefs, you are an average Christian in the rest of the world. North America was based on Christian principles but has long since departed it’s roots. 

Jesus never said following him involved state permitted freedom of religion, speech or any other freedom except freedom from the slavery of sin and the sting of death. Your job on this earth is not to protect freedom but to love your neighbor as yourself. Need I remind you all of the parable of the Good Samaritan? Gay, straight, every creed and color, you are here to love the people God created in whatever state you find them. I will also remind you all the Bible had much less to say about homosexuality than it did about lying, hatred and hypocrisy. Policing the government, the non Christians or homosexuals is not your place. Your place is to Love God and love the humans he created and that includes the gay, lesbian and transgender community. You may not agree with them but you have no right to treat them lesser.

Gay marriage isn’t the issue: the homosexual community sanctioned the government for the right to a legally binding civil union contract. All a ‘legal marriage’ is, is a legally binding civil contract. In a Christian context marriage is a moral obligation to a moral standard based in Biblical teachings. Many people (including many Christians) have a legal marriage which is not a Christian marriage. Stop confusing morality with legality. Your morality is a personal affair, if you are persecuted for it, remember Jesus said you would be. Freedom is a wonderful idea but true freedom does not exist on earth as it stands; imperfect people living in a broken world will never be truly free. Many right wing people see this as the beginning of a landslide of morality: the truth is we have been on that landslide all along, this and all the other societal ‘ills’ they fear and predict are nothing new to planet earth.

As to the homosexual community, I’m all about loving, caring for and understanding you. Who you choose to love and how is none of my business (which is how I feel about my straight friends too.) many so called ‘fundamental Christians’ hate me as much as they hate you because I loudly stand in objection to the hypocrisy. My stance however, does not include my acceptance of public nudity, hate mongering, indecency, disrespect, and sexually inappropriate displays from anyone. I don’t care if you are gay, straight, Christian, feminist or any other group. Inappropriate spectacles are in bad taste and lack class and self respect: it’s not pride, it’s attention seeking behavior. I don’t need or want to see it and pushing the agenda with attention seeking behavior is an excellent way to alienate the very people who would seek to befriend you and advocate for your well being. Though I understand the need to promote awareness; respect, class, decency and temperance are tools which serve higher purposes.

I also remind the homosexual community it is not your right to police the morality or marriages of others any more than it is their right to police yours. You have the right to be treated with respect and be respectfully disagreed with on any issue. The Christian community (and many other faiths) at roots is conservative and disagrees with premarital, extramarital and homosexual relations; all of which are legal but not accepted by fundamental standards. This is not a matter of discrimination but of moral direction. The Christians (at least the real Christians) do not hate you, wish ill upon you or judge you. We have chosen to live by a different moral code and that is our right: We accept you as you are but are not to participate in premarital and extramarital sex or homosexuality as part of following our faith. We aren’t better than anyone because of it, we stumble, we do things against our faith and morality but we try to live life according to the standards of our faith. Attempting to force anyone to go against their moral compass for your comfort or gratification is wrong, just as it is to be bullied because of your sexual orientation.

The freedom both the Christian and homosexual community experience in North America is rarely found elsewhere. In many countries members of both communities would be executed for openly practicing Christianity or homosexuality. As a Nation we have been graced with a government defined by moral freedom, racial inclusion and idealogical tolerance. The Christian and homosexual communities have the right to exist and can agree to disagree if we stop forcing our standards upon each other. In this country we have the right to live side by side, treating each other respectfully and protecting our individual freedoms together.

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