‘Let me not add days to my life but life to my days.’

A life on the edge. Living in the moment. Worst of all Clichés: YOLO (you only live once), stated loudly and often. I am all for living as if the moment I am living is my last. I have had enough close scrapes (scars and x-rays to prove it) I am fully aware this moment could very well be my last but so very few understand what life ‘on the edge’ really means.

I have by no means mastered the skills of being an edge dweller; I frequently work too much and too hard. I crash and burn because I’m so busy making a living I am too tired to live life. A vicious revolving door which must sound terribly familiar to many. I get tired, cranky and sick of people; just like everyone else.

I blush when people say how well I make the most of every moment. In truth, I manage like everyone else. I don’t always make the best use of my moments. I frequently don’t accomplish half what I have planned for a day. I would, however, like to think by holding an ideal, I sometimes manage to better at life than I otherwise might.

The ideal:

I accept the nature of time but I defy it’s ability to take my potential. I do not have all the time in the world but I do have enough time in a day to make the world a better place and so do you.

Living in the moment is not only about doing exciting things (though I have my fair share of adrenalin boosting hobbies.) Each of us is dealt a hand in life, to live life to the fullest you play the cards you have not the ones you wish you had. While you play the game, treat every person like it might be the last time you see them and the way you want them to remember you most. In short, each moment of every day should be lived all in, no matter the circumstance or the location.  True life is about living the moment you have and not getting lost in the ones past or the ones which may never come. 

Living means being more vulnerable with people than you want to be, offering more of yourself than you are comfortable with and letting go of hurts when they serve no other purpose than proving you were treated poorly. Sometimes living means getting off the beaten path and unapologetically doing what makes you feel alive. 

To live is to give without having strings attached, offer support when needed and accept those around you with grace and dignity regardless of deservedness. Life is built by allowing others to impact you in positive ways while filtering out the flaws which are detrimental to your character. 

Forgiveness, preserverance, kindness and letting go of anything or anyone which hinders progress are required skills to live by an ideal. Most of all, life must be filled with love, enthusiasm and passion. You don’t have all that? Neither do I. I’m working on it and I have a little more of it all because I keep trying. 

One thing is certain in life, living will eventually kill you. For me the certainty of death fixes in my mind that I live prepared for the eventuality by living each day as though I may not have another. In this way, if I die tomorrow, I will die as I live: on my own terms and having given away the best of myself each day.

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