Each individual made unique. We all have moments which are entirely our own. Moments no one else has experienced or will experience again. We’ve all been through extraordinary  circumstances and have had moments of becoming. What defines us is how we navigate circumstances we have no control over.

I have had moments I could not have dealt with situations better; and moments I’ve failed miserably at being human. What I hope defines my life is I keep moving forward, ever progressing to be better than yesterday. 

What holds us back from being more today than we were yesterday? Shame, fear, doubt, rejection, excuses and apathy hold us back, drag us down and waste our time. I decided to move past my past and stop holding myself back: I have made no better decision before or since. 

I have been ashamed and I carry the scars. I have been afraid and have missed opportunities. I have doubted myself and others and have wasted precious time. I have been rejected and lost my way trying to earn the acceptance of people. I have made excuses for myself and others, and have wallowed in self pity and indulgence. I have been apathetic in chasing dreams and the future, and have been made unproductive.

Emotions are deceitful and addictive, but emotions can also be motivating and captivating. Positive emotions can cause us to overlook clear situational warning signs. Negative emotions can cause us to shy away from situations which are necessary for growth. We use emotions to excuse bad behaviour, either we act poorly to maintain a good feeling, or we act poorly because we feel bad. The test of true character is how we act in spite feelings. When we act with good character, regardless of emotion, we can enjoy and learn from  mountain tops and valleys of emotion. 

How I feel should not determine how I treat others, how I act, or what I do. Emotions are normal, we all experience them but they should neither define or excuse any of us. Identify what you feel, acknowledge you feel it and move on acting in a way you are proud of yourself for. Realize you earn very little from feeling good or bad, and a great deal from making decisions which you are proud of, regardless of outcome. 

A life like no other is defined by choosing the course you paddle not by the rapids you face.

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